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  • Introduction- the short and precise para containing the basic information of what we are talking about and what will be contained in the following paras.
  • Body Part1- The description of the introduction through some examples and sayings etc. This could be in favor of the topic too.
  • Body Part2- further more details about the topic along with some cons related to it.
  • Conclusion- After all the information and their pros and cons talked above, comes the conclusion, giving a clear picture of author’s mind and his view about the topic. This also has to be short and very articulate.

When an essay is written for any graduate school/college it is called as graduate school essay

A graduate school essay could be written for admissions, any application or any other information that is required. It contains all the information that a pupil/an applicant would like to disclose in order to either get admission or leave or so. There are different types of graduate school essays. Some of them are:

  • A graduate school admission essay is written by the candidate applying to get admission.
  • A graduate school application essay is written by the candidate applying for some leave, asking for granting some fee relaxation or any other benefit he wants to seek.
  • and more.

The way of writing the essay is same for all but they differ in the purpose they are written. Every essay should be written with a view of providing knowledge to the end user/ reader or to make him aware about any subject. The essay not only convinces the reader but at times shifts his ideology in totality. But a graduate school essay is aimed to deliver most of the information linked to the candidate in such a way that the selector gets convinced with him and makes him a part of the institution or grants him the leave that he is applying for.

A graduate school essay should contain all the merits of a candidate. It should be clear and specific and should be oriented towards its aim. It should not contain any demerit or any shortcoming of the candidate. The graduate school essay is different from other essays in the way that it is given only five minutes by the reader and hence should be written in an attractive manner. These essays are not based on any theories or science or facts rather are revolving around the candidate’s profile only and are very true. The introduction and the conclusion of a graduate school essay should also be precise and to-the-point so that the reader gets the best out of the application in the least time.